Over Rated Baguio Eats

Baguio nights are typically cool, even in Summer, especially in the John Hay Air Base area, one of the few un-deforested places in the city. Forest Restaurant, on the way to the old Loacan airport, benefits from the cool air because its log-cabin ambiance has an air of genuine about it. The ambiance is great and that’s all about it.

The food is bad.

My first time at this restaurant, two years ago was a huge disappointment. I had ordered their Chef’s Salad to go with their ribs. My host’s tone of voice was a bit excited to show me the place and have me taste its food, but my main course, baby back ribs,  was a huge letdown. The meat was far from tender (no falling-off-the-bones -tenderness here) and the sauce was too sweet.

This time, it was my turn to host, and I had selected Mario’s, of many Baguio memories of good food in the city. However, when my guests arrived to pick me up, they had another idea and the wifey had suggested we go to Forrest. Well, I thought, maybe the first time was one of those rare things. Forrest, after all, was in many lists.

I ordered the Forrest salad with three dips. My  first mistake. The salad was nothing more than crudités and lettuce on a plate topped with peanuts and raisins (que horror!), nothing more. A child attempting to be creative would have done much better. My friend ordered lamb, tough lamb. He was healthy and had great teeth but his teeth were no match for the tough lamb – it was probably mutton – sheep, not lamb. The wifey got Salpicao but had to return it because it was grossly undercooked and over spiced. So much for a foodie must go.

We swore that was the last we’d go to Forrest.


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